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International Exams and Tests

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When the European Portfolio was introduced in 2001, it imposed a certain level of criterion to ensure objectivity and equality in all EU countries, thus enabling every European citizen to take internationally recognized qualifications attesting their linguistic competence.

Language Points’ expert teachers are able to guide the students in their preparation for these international certifications, thanks to our experience and expertise. To ensure familiarity with the structure of the exams and in order to guarantee a targeted training, mock tests from previous years are used throughout exercises and final pre-exam simulations.

Lessons and exams are held throughout the year at our Headquarters our directly at Companies and State Schools which require our training interventions and are prepared for International certification exams of several foreign languages, based on Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference.

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For several years Language Point has been an authorized Centre for the management of the most important international Certifications.

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IT237 Exam centre

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IT237 Exam centre

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