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Language courses for Teachers of all subjects

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Are you a teacher and want to improve your level of English in the subject you teach?

Language Point, as an international language training Institution, accredited by MIUR since 2004, offers a wide range of options for the professional development of teachers, regardless of their specific level of experience or education. We promote and organize seminars and training courses tailored to the needs expressed by the school as well as cultural events for the updating of teachers. Within the framework of the European dimension of teaching foreign languages, “teacher training” is intended for those who want to acquire specific training in teaching languages and other subjects (science, art, geography, history, mathematics, technology, etc.) in a foreign language (CLIL) or simply expand their professional knowledge.

Language courses for teachers of all disciplines

Language Point, as a Member of AISLi (Associazione Italiana Scuole di Lingue) since 2007, is included in the definitive list of Accredited Bodies for the Training of Teaching Staff of the School of the Ministry of Public Education (Ministerial Decree No. 177/2000 – Directive n ° 90/2003) with which it has built a constant and close collaboration over the years. In addition to the projects included in the official list of the Ministry of Education, our teacher trainers can create and organize training courses on the specific needs of applicants. The courses, recognized by MIUR and present on the SOFIA platform, are structured in order to enhance the learning of foreign languages ​​(skills of reception, interaction and oral and written production) and offer teaching methodology ideas for the enrichment of curricular lessons to their students.

Internally, Language Point is responsible for the training of its teaching staff in order to create a service provided with innovative tools and competent and always updated staff. Outside, it offers training courses for teachers of schools of all levels and cycles of seminars both on general issues and on more specific and sectoral topics. The program of teacher training addresses the most common problems within teaching:


  • acquire or deepen the communication methodology
  • make their teaching more effective through new communication techniques
  • plan the lessons
  • develop teaching materials aimed at the needs of the individual learner
  • analyze linguistic structures
  • develop student’s autonomy
  • analyze critical issues and propose targeted solutions
  • use authentic material


or more specific such as:

  • use of new multimedia materials
  • verification procedures in progress and final
  • analysis of particular grammatical, syntactic or lexical structures from the student’s point of view
  • interrelation in the classroom and the management of weaker areas

Our courses have the improvement of foreign languages ​​taught by highly qualified mother tongue and bilingual teachers as their objective, as well as the acquisition of the same by teachers of other disciplines interested in broadening their cultural horizons. All courses lead to the achievement of the levels officially recognized by the Common Framework of Reference of the Council of Europe (CEFR A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) and to the possibility of taking an examination by internationally recognized Bodies.

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For language strengthening

These courses are designed to improve the general level of English, focusing on the communicative aspect and maintaining a practical and immediate approach.

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For methodological enhancement

Courses, workshops and seminars suitable for those who want to deepen the concepts of CLIL methodology, other teaching methodologies or topics related to teaching.

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For State School Teachers and more

Spend your Carta del Docente with us to update your skills in teaching.

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Certify your B1, B2 or C1 level in English at Language Point.

Do you need an English language certification at any level? Language Point is an accredited centre for Cambridge Assessment English exams, where you can take the exam in paper-based or computer-based format.

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How to use the Carta del Docente?

Do you want to add an international Certification to your curriculum? We offer a wide range of possibilities. As an authorized Centre (IT237), you can prepare and get a Cambridge Assessment English Certificate at any level, as well as the Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA) and the Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (DELTA), recognized throughout the world.

You can also take the TKT exams, Teaching Knowledge Test, consisting of different modules designed to test your knowledge in certain areas of English language teaching.

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