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Today the knowledge of a second foreign language alongside English is increasingly required, in order to have more opportunities not only for the career, but also to break down linguistic boundaries that too often close the doors to new experiences. We offer courses for more than 20 languages: European, Slavic, Arabic and Oriental.
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Language Point offers a number of opportunities to High School and University students, providing them with the tools to excel.

Learn a language with our qualified teachers from more than 20 different Countries and get ready for a future without boundaries.

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European Languages: Spanish | French | German | Portuguese


Oriental Languages: Chinese | Japanese | Korean


Middle Eastern languages: Arabic | Turkish | Hebrew | Farsi


Slavic Languages: Russian | Croatian | Slovenian | Polish


Nordic Languages: Swedish | Norwegian | Danish | Finnish


Our technical-linguistic staff is available to provide information on the various international certifications and to help you in the choice of the didactic path to follow in order to pass the exam chosen.

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Nowadays mastering a foreign language goes hand in hand with the need to have your skills recognized and validated, both on a national and international scale. This increases your chances of:

  • achieving higher qualifications and succeeding in your profession
  • meeting the requirements of your employer
  • working abroad or attending a foreign university.

When the European Portfolio was introduced in 2001, it imposed a certain level of criterion to ensure objectivity and equality in all EU countries, thus enabling every European citizen to take internationally recognized qualifications attesting their linguistic competence (Table of Levels).
With their specialised skills, Language Points’ mother tongue and bilingual teachers are able to guide the students in their preparation for these international certifications and guarantee courses targeted at specific exams. To ensure familiarity with the structure of the exam , “Mock” exam papers from previous years are used throughout these preparation courses. As well as at Language Point, our lessons run all year round in the schools and companies who make the request for these training courses for the preparation of the various foreign language exams and follow the Common European Framework of Reference of the Council of Europe. Below are the certifications for some of the most important exams, internationally recognised by schools, universities and employers:

  • Spanish: DELE, Diploma Inicial, Intermedio y Superior de Español
  • French: DELF/DALF
  • German: Fit in Deutsch 1-2, Start Deutsch 1-2, ZD für den Beruf, KDS e GDS
  • Chinese: HSK Chinese Proficiency Test
  • Japanese: NNS Japanese Proficiency Test
  • Italian for foreigners, CILS dell’Università per Stranieri di Siena

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