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Translation process in Language Point

For each translation request, Language Point’s Direction appoints a team of one or more translators and a supervisor to draw up the project plan, based on the material provided by the Customer and specific terminology of the reference sector.
The translator translates exclusively into his or her mother tongue and is chosen according to the professional specialization and the type of text to be translated.
The Linguistics Department is responsible for coordinating between translators, supervisors and client for a final result that meets expectations and guarantees constant and repeatable quality over time.
Language Point also offers urgent translation services for last-minute requests (or during National and summer Holidays).

Technical Translations

Translations of technical manuals for industrial equipment, software and hardware

Websites (website localization)

Quality manuals and other types of technical and scientific texts.

Medical Translations

Translations of scientific publications and biomedical equipment

Medical websites

Software localization

Medical records, reports.

Commercial translation

Letters and commercial relations


Economic-financial Translations

Translations of economic and financial statements

Economics and marketing texts

Corporate Finance Reports

News articles from financial newspapers

Translations for advertising

Translations of brochures

Web pages, slogans, billboards

Online and offline content

Editorial Translations

Translations of literary, historical, artistic and tourist texts and more, according to the client’s contingent needs.