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Personalized quality language training at every level

If you wish to work in a competitive way on Italian and international markets, to carve out a career in your profession, to study in Italy, or simply enrich your personal development.

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Language Point offers a variety of Italian language courses to improve your Italian language skills. We offer tuition of the highest quality and provide a wide range of language courses to meet the needs of students of all ages and professions, through a series of educational programs diversified by time, intensity and objectives. Our courses are aimed at students, workers or also tourists interested in knowing the culture and spirit of the Bel Paese. Here is what you can do by choosing one of our courses of Italian for foreigners:

  • Many different and interesting courses: among these, Italian for Fashion and Design, Italian for Music and Singing, Italian for Work, Italian for Teaching, Italian for Sport, Cooking, Art, ect.
  • An authentic, full-immersion experience in Italian language and culture with a study trip in Italy
  • Get the Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera (CILS), sitting the exam at Language Point
  • Take part in our Cultural Experience with Language Point teachers and tourist guides
  • Apply for Visa, Study Visa

A wide and flexible educational offer. Find out more.


– a fascinating history – important museums – great music – delicious food – and much more.

Italian is one of the languages of western culture. What would the world be like without Italian music and opera, without the wonders of the Renaissance – Michelangelo, Botticelli, Leonardo, Brunelleschi – the writings of Dante, Petrarca and Boccaccio, which are the basis of much of our modern art and literature. Italian is a romance language deriving from Latin. It is spoken principally in Europe: in Italy, San Marino, the Vatican and in the Italian part of Switzerland.

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Download the syllabus for each CEFR level:

  • A1_elementare > Contatto
  • A2_elementare > Sopravvivenza
  • B1_intermedio > Soglia
  • B2_intermedio > Progresso
  • C1_avanzato > Efficacia
  • C2_ avanzato > Efficacia

Tourism and didactics for a unique learning experience and a moment of socialization of great value. The collaboration with partners of excellence, the professionalism of our staff of native speakers and expert tour guides have allowed us to offer our students special training courses to live in Milan and throughout Italy.


Walking around Milan

To study the language in the city and in direct contact with its people, in bars, museums, in the park, in a restaurant, in the company of your teacher.

Corsi-di-italiano-per-stranieri_Milan Fashion Week

Milano programs

Entertainment, special events, film clubs, happy hours, and everything you need to make you live the Milanese experience to the fullest …


Italian in Lombardy

Classroom hours in the morning and tours with our tour guides to discover the most beautiful cities in Lombardy.


Italian up and down the Bel Paese

One or two weeks of Italian language course in different settings. Characterized by Italian lessons in the classroom in the morning and around the beauties of the area in the afternoon, always accompanied by our Tourist guides. Transports are organized in detail by Language Point.

Certify your skills with CILS

Language Point is associated with the University for Foreigners of Siena and is venue for CILS examination. The CILS Certificate is an officially recognized study title which certifies linguistic-communicative skills in Italian at level L2. If you wish to find out more on the exam, visit our page.



If you wish to book for a CILS exam, please contact our offices for more instructions. Disabled candidates (temporary or permanent disability) must inform our CILS Centre via e-mail to communicate their needs, writing to or calling 02-29521559/ 02-87387922 to agree on the modalities and aids necessary for carrying out the exam.


The CILS certification system has 6 levels of linguistic-communicative skills identified in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: level A1, level A2, level UNO-B1, level DUE-B2, level TRE-C1, level QUATTRO-C2. Each CILS level is self-contained and complete: certification at each level confirms a level of communicative skills suitable for specific social, professional and study contexts.


The CILS Certificate examinations represent an important objective for anyone studying the Italian language. CILS is security when entering the working world, for teaching Italian to foreigners, for registering in different Italian universities, and for any other sector in which a specific level of competence in Italian must be formally certified.


In order to sit the CILS examinations, it is not necessary to have any particular study qualifications, just knowledge of the Italian language corresponding to the parameters indicated for each CILS level. Besides this, it is important to have a knowledge of European society and culture, as well as general knowledge on Italian geography, history and culture.

All our teachers are qualified native speakers, with a long experience in the field of language training and in constant updating. Some of them are also authorized tourist guides. Carefully selected, they acquired the Language Point methodology which consists of a dynamic learning of the foreign language, and they are also capable of preparing students to sit Università per Stranieri di Siena’s exams, recognized throughout the world.

Student’s progresses are regularly monitored and supervised by our Director of Studies (DOS), so as to intervene in a targeted way in the learning process. Language Point teacher works for:

  • create a relaxed and familiar atmosphere that involves and motivates every student without fear of making mistakes,
  • recognize and value each student’s previous skills,
  • design specific language courses suited to the actual needs of the student and his or her final objectives,
  • activate evaluation and self-assessment procedures for the skills of each student,
  • monitor learning processes and intervene with targeted actions,
  • use multisensory and multimedia strategies to optimise learning,
  • make people reflect on the transversal aspects of language and the culture it represents.


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