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If you want to give greater value to the resources of your company and expand your business, rely on our services.

Language Point organizes language training courses for companies that invest in the growth of their employees. Quality and flexibility are the basis of the organization of our training courses for companies, according to the working hours of each employee. The same course can therefore vary in content, structure and duration, thus becoming an individual company course. Our courses can be attended both in the classroom and online.

Face-to-face training courses

Our in-presence training courses are both group and individual, depending on company needs and the role of the student in the company. Language courses for companies are structured after a careful analysis of company needs to facilitate the achievement of specific training objectives. We are accredited with the major funds to cover part of the costs of language courses for employees. Read more about Financed Training.


Ideal solution for employees with compatible levels and / or common goals.

Group courses

Group courses are organized with the aim not only to accompany employees in their path to language learning, but also make them more confident in communication. Our training paths, in fact, provide a theoretical basis together with practical activities and simulations in line with the company objectives.

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Ideal solution for executives and staff who hold key roles in customer communication and management.

Individual courses

Individual courses are dedicated and tailored to the needs of each professional. They are flexible and organized in line with the student’s work commitments and their level of knowledge of the language. On the basis of agreed times, a more or less intensive tailor-made program is organized, with the constant support of our teachers.

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Mixed face-to-face and online training

Blended courses

Blended learning has the advantage of combining the benefit of having a dedicated teacher (in person or via Zoom) with the convenience of accessing specially selected online material at any time and remotely. Thanks to our experience in training, we are able to combine the essential elements of learning in order to make each training path a fluid and effective experience.

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Online training to learn languages ​​quickly and easily

E-learning courses

Innovation and technology are the basis of the learning experience of e-learning at Language Point. And that is why we organize online courses for which we provide constantly updated material, which can be used at any time, even at the end of the course. Connectivity and innovation are the ingredients that with care and over time have increasingly been part of our training courses.

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Funded training

Language Point is accredited to various funds: we can help you find the best path for your language training. We provide constant support to companies for the design and presentation of Company Training Plans to the Evaluation Committees of the various Interprofessional Funds to which the companies adhere. Furthermore, if the Company does not adhere to any Fund, it can rely on our service to choose the Fund that best meets its needs. All Interprofessional Funds redistribute to companies the resources dedicated, by law, to training. These resources are made up of deductions of 0.30% on the paycheck of each worker in the private sector, public companies and those operating public services. If the company does not adhere to an interprofessional fund, the company does not have the possibility to intervene in the management of resources dedicated to training. To join a fund write us an e-mail at or contact us for a free consultation.

Soft skills & coaching

Are you looking for training courses to maximize your professional skills? At Language Point, we create training courses aimed at developing and updating skills, as well as to professional growth.


Training courses aimed at developing and updating skills, promoting professional growth.

Soft skills

Soft skills are personal and interpersonal skills that amplify and enhance communication of a human being. In the business environment, they become essential to complete a negotiation, to enhance leadership or to relate to colleagues in an international environment. Our courses will help you to:

  • communicate effectively in English
  • Manage emotions and negotiate more confidently
  • Express your potential in the workplace
  • Be able to direct, motivate and enhance your team, especially in international contexts.
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Do you want to find your place in the company and achieve the most ambitious professional results without wasting time and in the best way?


Rely on our coaches who can help support you in training and strengthening the soft skills necessary to make you more confident in communicating in English.
Thanks to the support of a specialized coach, you will receive the necessary assistance for every need concerning the field of personal and professional skills to achieve company objectives in a short time and without wasting energy.

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With Language Point to support your languages… in Italy and abroad

Study trips abroad

We organize language internships with programs of one, two or more weeks to choose from among the various prestigious foreign locations. The vast experience in the field of language training and study trips abroad led us to an increasingly selective choice of partner schools in the various European countries. We only work with schools that are recognized as suitable for language teaching by local authorities. We visited European and overseas schools to personally check the level of the facilities and services offered, as well as the atmosphere in the school itself. Both schools and host families are closely monitored by Language Point before and throughout the course of the language internship.

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Give a boost to your career, excel at your certification exams with Language Point.

International certifications

Se desideri concludere il percorso formativo dei tuoi collaboratori con una certificazione riconosciuta a livello internazionale, abbiamo quello che fa per te. Language Point è Centro Esami Autorizzato per le seguenti certificazioni professionali: Cambridge Business Exams (Business English), TOLES (Legal English), OET (English for Healthcare).Il Team Language Point è composto da professionisti con esperienze che vanno oltre l’insegnamento delle Lingue. Insieme sapremo identificare le tue necessità e costruire con te un percorso che supporti i tuoi obiettivi e la tua attività.

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Seminars & workshops

The best way to learn is to practice. This is why our language courses for companies are accompanied by seminars and workshops held by specialist teachers and always supplemented by professionals. We propose an interactive mode that allows students to enhance their experience and to make their contribution during all meetings. This involvement makes them an active part of the training path, enhancing the motivation for growth and learning. The goal of consolidating and improving the communication skills of students takes place through:

  • The study of language considered;
  • the refinement of expressive capacity;
  • The exercises aimed at improving the writing in line with communicative situations;
  • the activities aimed at improving conversation with discussions that take their cue from written texts, television and radio recordings topical (small group work).

We also organize themed meetings on the different aspects of foreign cultures aimed at giving an authentic cross-section of the places of origin of the languages ​​studied. The insights focus on:

  • history and civilization
  • society and life habits
  • points of view.

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