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What is TKT?

TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) is the certification to verify your level of development as a teacher, suitable for those who want to test their knowledge in the educational field thanks to a certification recognized worldwide.

TKT is a flexible program, consisting of a series of modular teaching qualifications, designed to test your knowledge in specific areas of teaching English.

Candidates can choose the number of modules to sit, getting a Cambridge Assessment English certificate for each module passed.

Passing TKT shows familiarity with different teaching methods and resources, lesson planning and class management in relation to specific needs.

Recognised worldwide and accepted in more than 60 Countries, TKT is at Foundation to Developing stages on the Cambridge English Teaching Framework.

With Language Point you can prepare and sit all TKT modules.

What are the requirements to access TKT course or to take the test?

No specific background is required. Ideally, candidates should have English proficiency at CEFR Level B1 or above.
TKT is designed for:


Teachers or Trainees in the educational sector


Primary, Secondary or Adult Schools’ teachers


Teachers who wish to attest and/or update their teaching skills

The TKT test in detail

TKT is a flexible program, consisting of a series of modular teaching qualifications. Candidates can choose the number of modules to take and decide times and modalities of participation.
TKT consists of three modules, which verify the knowledge of English teaching theory and practice. There are also two Specialist modules, which are an introduction to specialist areas of English language teaching.

Modules 1-3:

Module 1: Background to language learning and teaching | This module tests candidates’ knowledge of terms and concepts common in English language teaching, as well as on the key factors of its learning and illustrates the various materials and activities.

Module 2: Lesson planning and use of resources for language teaching | This module focuses on what teachers consider and do when planning their lessons.

Module 3: Managing the teaching and learning process | This module tests candidates’ knowledge of what happens in the classroom as for the language used by the teacher or learners and the ways in which the teacher can manage the classroom.

Specialist modules:

TKT: CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) | This specialist module tests the candidate’s knowledge of the learning, thinking and language skills that students acquire in different areas of the programme, as well as lesson and resources planning, lesson management and assessment of CLIL.

TKT: YL (Young Learners) | This specialist module tests the candidate’s knowledge of the learning and strategies for students aged 6-12, as well as lesson and resources planning, lesson management and assessment in a context of young learners.

How does the examination take place?

For each module, there is a 80-question written test. Every question carries 1 point.

Questions can be multiple choice or matching questions. Candidates have 80 minutes.

Modules are assessed with Bands from 1 to 4, where 4 is the highest score.

Language Point is authorized venue for TKT. Contact us to book your session.

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