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Languages studied at School are the ones that will accompany us throughout our life.

It is important, therefore, to well cement the foundations of linguistic path from the start, with proper training to always connect to the new generations with the world. Language Point operates within the Public and Private School with personalized services and educational courses aimed at increasing students’ linguistic knowledge.

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Languages ​​for your success: In-school preparation and management of all Cambridge Assessment English exams

Following assignments and PON projects, we plan linguistic interventions aimed at enhancing the training offered at school during curricular and extra-curricular hours. With work programs shared with the curricular teachers of the schools where our lessons are held, we facilitate the learning of students by providing tailored contents for the strengthening of their language skills and interests. We prepare and share lesson plans, handouts, PPTs and various materials, often accompanied by didactic cards with language games, stories, from documentation as close as possible to the needs and expectations of children and young people. We work alongside the curricular teacher with the aim of supporting the students, making them passionate about the study of the language, improving the academic performance and preparing them to take the international certification exams.

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Living the school spaces during extra-curricular hours with playful-educational courses in English

For years we have been working to ensure that students experience the school spaces during extracurricular hours with educational courses in English, using highly qualified mother tongue or bilingual teachers. We help small and young learners to enhance the four fundamental language skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening), with stimulating and innovative learning methods in an engaging and dynamic context. Learning English or another language becomes extremely enjoyable and fun. An emotionally involving situation will allow for greater linguistic production and it will facilitate the loss of fear of speaking, thus increasing the student’s self-esteem.

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The engine of renewal and improvement of school curricula.

The term CLIL, created in 1994 by David Marsh and Anne Maljers, is synonymous with linguistic immersion, and means a methodological approach aimed at the integrated learning of linguistic-communicative and disciplinary skills in a foreign language. Language Point works with numerous State and Private Schools in Milan and its province to convey the CLIL training project, also alongside the curricular teachers, according to the subjects of interest. In order to make the use of the foreign language as natural as possible, the CLIL project find application in the study of the more traditional school subjects, such as the scientific disciplines, the so-called STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) with the use of multimedia and multimodal technologies. CLIL is also applied to all other curricular subjects, always with excellent results. The CLIL project thus sets itself the dual task of teaching a specific subject using the foreign language.

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The Programma Operativo Nazionale (PON) is a project financed by the European Structural Funds and has a seven-year duration, from 2014 to 2020 and is renewable.

Language Point is present in this context with excellent training courses and innovative learning processes to support the quality of the education system, favouring the raising and adaptation of skills and promoting greater participation and school integration. As an accredited Cambridge Assessment English Exam Centre body, Language Point can also offer a wide range of language certifications recognized worldwide by over 20,000 organizations (universities, companies, government bodies) as official proof of language proficiency. In order to support the school, which would acquire the qualification of Cambridge English Preparation Centre, in the realization of the project, we offer a number of tools and services: placement test online, preparation materials and practice compatible with the courses, official simulations for Cambridge English certifications, free online resources for both teachers and students for the preparation, free orientation meetings with students and/or parents, and of course Cambridge exams on site.

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Former “Alternanza Scuola-lavoro” Projects

The Percorsi per le Competenze Trasversali e per l’Orientamento  (former “Alternanza Scuola-lavoro” Projects) of Language Point is designed to help students develop the language skills in order to meet with the requirements of the labour market, both Italian and international. Objectives of the program:

  • Improve English and acquire skills for an international career
  • Prepare for job interviews and learn how to structure your CV in English
  • Visiting companies and learning about business functions and processes.

The Alternanza scuola-lavoro was introduced in Italy by legislative Decree n.77 / 2005 and is defined as a method of carrying out second cycle courses, both in the High School system and in the education and vocational training system to ensure young people the acquisition of skills that can be used in the labour market. Law 107 of 2015, the so-called “Buona Scuola“, has significantly innovated this subject, making it compulsory for all High schools. From 2015, for the last three years of the course of studies, hours dedicated to training projects and work experience in public and private production environments, but also in sports and voluntary associations, cultural bodies, institutions and professional associations. In the three-year period the hours to be dedicated to this activity are 400 in technical and professional institutes, 200 in high schools. (From

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A child is not a vase to be filled, but a fire to be lit. (François Rabelais)

Our Summer Camps allow students to expand and consolidate their language skills, getting involved and having fun with the use of the language. It is an important moment as it allows to give continuity to the school training path even in the summer period. The Summer Camp, in fact, takes place in the months of June, July and September, usually starting at the end or at the beginning of the regular school year and covering the morning or the whole day, depending on the age group and the didactic program available. Participation can involve pupils of all ages, from Primary to Secondary. Ad hoc programs are prepared for each sector. The cleverly balanced creative and recreational activities are a full immersion in English. Tutors are native English speakers and English is the only language used to communicate. Language Point experts are assigned to the various fields according to their skills and the specific needs of the students involved.

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With Language Point to support you with language learning… in Italy and abroad

ARE YOU A SECONDARY SCHOOL TEACHER AND WANT TO OFFER YOUR STUDENTS AN INTERESTING LANGUAGE INTERNSHIP ABROAD? We organize language internships with programs of one, two or more weeks to choose from among the different, prestigious foreign locations that we put at your disposal. The vast experience in the field of language training and study stays abroad has made possible an increasingly selective choice of partner schools in the various European countries. We only work with schools that are recognized as suitable for language teaching by local Authorities. We visited European and overseas schools to personally check the level of the services offered, as well as the atmosphere in the school itself. Both the schools and the families that welcome the students are carefully monitored by Language Point before and throughout the course of the language internship.

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Special attention for learning foreign languages at school for children and young people who have special educational needs, permanent needs or that can be overcome thanks to targeted and specific interventions.

Inclusive and conscious teaching, which considers individual needs without creating discrimination or penalization for each student, is a must for Language Point and for all our teachers. Law 170 of 2010 indicates the learning of the English language among the critical areas in the case of pupils with Special Educational Needs. To cope with this criticality, it will therefore be “only” a matter of being equipped with tools and styles which can create an adequate learning climate, with mixed skills and different and widespread educational needs.

In any case, the Language Point teacher will favour inclusive teaching for all, based on cooperation, on the exchange of skills and knowledge, which gives space to the metacognitive dimension and reflection on language for an ever greater use of technology and which constantly activates all learning channels. Language Point has been making use of teachers accredited by the British Dyslexia Association for years.

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Become a Cambridge Assessment Preparation Centre

More than 5,500 schools throughout Italy are already preparing for Cambridge Assessment English certifications. More than 35 Secondary Education Institutes have become Preparation Centres for which Language Point administers the exam sessions and offers support. Becoming a Preparation Centre offers a series of benefits: Institutes that enrol a minimum number of 15 candidates per year will receive a Cambridge Assessment English printed certificate and a digital logo; those who register at least 100, will receive a nameplate for the school.

Do you want to become a Preparation Centre? Contact us. As an authorized Centre, we will provide you with additional resources, training and marketing materials.

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