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Technical information

Simultaneous Interpreting

There are 6 different operations that a simultaneous interpreter has to carry out: listen, understand, think, translate, speak and remember the previous sentence.

According to international membership rules, the commitment of every single interpreter should not exceed one hour of work; an equipe of 2 interpreters should not exceed 7 hours (excluding lunch break but including coffee breaks); Beyond 7 hours, an additional interpreter is necessary.

Consecutive Interpreting

In consecutive interpreting there is an interpreter who works next to the lecturer, translating sentence by sentence.

The length of translated sentences depends on the ability and memory of the interpreter. The disadvantage is that the duration of the conference is doubled, since lecturer and interpreter must speak alternately.

A consecutive interpreter could work up to 4 hours. Beyond these hours, an additional interpreter is necessary.

Chuchotage or whispering interpreting

This form of interpreting may be used when there are no more than three people.

The interpreter is behind those ones he or she needs to help and whispers, almost simultaneously, the translation.

When the client speaks, interpreting becomes consecutive throughout the auditorium.

A chuchotage interpreter could work up to 2 hours. Beyond these hours, an additional interpreter is necessary.

Liaison Interpreting

For meetings which are generally one-to-one and that take place also at lunch or dinnertime.

The security of having a professional who allows you to understand and convey not only the concepts but also the nuances typical of different cultures, is a fundamental element for achieving the objectives that have been set.

The commitment of the interpreter is for half a day or a whole day.

Our other services

  • Technical and commercial interpreting: for commercial negotiations, technical meetings, voiceovers for industrial films, product presentations.
  • Intepreting for fairs and conferences: professional service of experts with mastery of one or more foreign languages
  • Telephone interpreting: for conversations with foreign customers, contacts with foreign suppliers, market research.
  • Group interpreting for guided tours: In this case, the interpreter works alongside the speaker and simultaneously translates his or her speech. The interpreter uses a radio microphone tuned to the same frequency as the receivers given to the participants. This intervention is suitable for small and short-term meetings.
  • Interpreting for business meetings: aligned with the interpreting of negotiations. It usually takes place at lunch or dinner, in one-to-one format. Here comes the skill of the professional who, in addition to knowing how to grasp the concepts and convey them, will be able to understand the properties and nuances of a different culture.
  • Hostess for conferences and fairs