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For over 30 years we have been innovating the concept of language training.

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Choose to attend a path in English with an innovative method.

With Language Point’s training offer, English won’t be a problem anymore. You have the chance to learn English and prepare for internationally recognized Exams with a fun and stimulating methodology.

Every course is structured according to the age and the objectives.

Why you will like learning with Language Point



a continuous commitment to innovation and systems to simplify work.


our Managers coordinate training activities and various linguistic services, interfacing with the customer and managing, also in outsourcing, personalized work flows. An exercise constantly extended to monitoring and controlling quality.


with a Master’s Degree, teaching Qualification and area skills, constant training and expert use of management systems and Office.


to reduce time and costs.


to increase the value of competence and collaboration.






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Our courses

Every year we organize more than 700 courses online, at Language Point or at our clients’ venues.

English courses are available at all levels and in a wide range of times (also on Saturday and in the evening). We can also organize them as intensive courses.

They are designed to learn or consolidate the language skills all-round, improving the ability to speak with correctness, to read and write for work, study, to move abroad or for other personal reasons.

Together with Language Point’s native and bilingual Experts, you will work on the four main skills:

  • Conversation
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing

As we do in all our courses, particular attention is paid to pronunciation, to the acquisition of a wide vocabulary and to the assimilation of basic rules of grammar

Lessons are taught by expert and qualified teachers with an excellent professional curriculum, verified by Language Point. In addition to their experience, teachers have great command of multimedia technologies and cutting-edge teaching aids.

Book now your level test and the interview with one of our experts. It’s totally free and without obligation. 

From 18 months to 18 years of age, a varied range of language training is offered, adapted to different age groups. With games, fun and lots of passion.

In line with its status as an international democratic organisation, of which one of the founding principles of the EU is multilingualism, the main objective in this area is to ensure that all EU citizens can communicate in two foreign languages in addition to their mother tongue: Language Point has been committed for years to achieving these results through language training, first of all by informing about the importance of teaching children one or two foreign languages from an early age.

Language Projects ‘Hello English!’, ‘First Steps’ and ‘Stepping Up’, requested by a number of Public and Private Schools in Milan and province, involve kindergarten students, primary school students up to secondary school, and allow them to broaden their mental horizons, enabling them to appreciate other cultures and above all preparing them in a concrete way for the future world of work.

Let’s not forget that English isn’t just something you learn in a classroom. Especially for children and teenagers, it is important to understand and live the international context so as to learn English quickly.

For this reason, Language Point also organizes summer camps in Italy and abroad with Schools which are suitable for teaching languages, according to local Authorities.

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