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The Communicative – Pragmatic Approach

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The Communicative – Pragmatic Approach

Defining and explaining the concept of “method” is not an easy task. Specifying the general learning theories and dictating the techniques teachers need to implement in order to successfully adapt to the numerous teaching contexts they find themselves in, as well accommodating the diversity of their students’ needs, is an even more complicated matter. Therefore, when planning their lessons, our teachers follow the teaching approach they feel will help reach their students’ learning objectives most accurately.

Our teaching is based on a Communicative – Pragmatic Approach, which focuses on the need to provide authentic situations for our students, helping them reach their specific objectives. Pragmatics is actually the study of a language in relation to how the speaker uses it. It places particular attention on why the speaker is communicating and the situation they find themselves in. Using this approach means that the teacher is focusing on the practical significance, the use of the language in realistic situations and the result the speaker wants to achieve.

The main objective of teaching foreign languages today is no longer mastering all the formal elements of the language, but having the skill to know what to say and when to say it.

A relaxing, comfortable and rewarding atmosphere in the classroom is fundamental to the learning process, it encourages students to participate fully in the lessons and make the most of their strengths thus helping them develop their own language skills.

All of our language programmes correspond to the directives set out by the European Union and The Council of Europe, which include the importance of creating an accurate profile for every student, in terms of initial language skills, objectives, and test results.


There are a number of reasons why learning another modern language is a good idea:

  • to broaden your cultural knowledge
  • to increase your self confidence
  • to promote good intercultural exchanges

A particular characteristic of Language Point teachers is the attention they pay to the orientation process and the “ad personam” language programmes. As stated in the Common European Framework, evaluating the student’s level of the language before starting a language course is a fundamental process and one that we take seriously.

Those of you wishing to take a course are invited to take one of our initial assessment tests  – even online from our website -, we have a number of tests for you to choose from depending on the type of course you wish to take, each based on multiple choice questions followed by an oral assessment test with one of our qualified teachers which completes the assessment process and helps us assess your actual level of language skills.