Online courses for the healthcare sector

Language Point, in collaboration with Specialist Language Courses (SLC), offers a wide range of online courses for the healthcare sector, as well as for IELTS and OET exams preparation.

Find out the flexibility of online courses on our SLC Campus platform! All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone, which will allow you to study wherever you have an internet connection. Even just 10 minutes will make you productive! The exercises and activities are in fact short and dynamic.

Courses can be purchased and attended in two modes:

  • Online, where progress, exercises and preparation will be fully managed through the platform;
  • Blended, which combines the online contents to the support of our Teachers, together with the possibility to take a final mock test with assessment and feedback.

Our courses are suitable for self-study, so you can freely choose the course but also how to manage the duration, the length and the number of contents to be treated in each study day, at your disposal 24/24h.

See our catalog below and contact us to purchase and start your course.

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English for Doctors

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English for Nurses

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Reach OET B Medicine

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Reach OET B Nursing

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More courses coming soon!